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5 Communication


Towards a culture of sustainability

Jordi Julián | Head of Department of Projects and Member Companies

Contributing to the development of the culture of sustainability, both among appliance users and professional collectives, is one of the principal objectives that give meaning to numerous activities developed by Ecotic.

Digitalización Sostenible (Sustainable digitalization)

Awareness raising about the recycling of small electrical equipment


Last year Ecotic launched its ‘Digitalización Sostenible’, an initiative to raise awareness among users of small electronic equipment about the importance of their commitment to using appropriate WEEE channels.


The campaign’s first action was held in June at the Samsung Store at El Corte Inglés in the Preciados-Callao shopping centre in Madrid, in collaboration with Ambilamp  and Ecopilas. The initiative consisted of the installation of a WEEE collection information point from June 8th to the 10th. Scratch cards with a prize of promotional t-shirts for all those who brought in waste to be recycled and the chance to win one of three next-generation Samsung smartphones were handed out.


The initiative was moved to the  imaginCafè space at CaixaBank in the centre of Barcelona from October 15th to November 15th, with the installation of a collection point promoting participation.


The enthusiastic reception the initiative received has prompted us to continue the campaign, so in 2019 we plan to hold new ‘Digitalización Sostenible’ initiatives that continue to raise awareness about a fundamental issue: the digital world will be sustainable, or will cease to exist.


Sustainable Digitization website > 


Ecoinstaladores (Ecoinstallers)

Programme aimed at air conditioning and refrigeration professionals

Last year we gave new impetus to this programme that is aimed at air conditioning and refrigeration installers and distributors. Intensive training seminars in collaboration with organizations such as the Federation of Installation Guilds of Catalonia (FEGiCAT), the Appliance Traders Association (ACE), the Association of Refrigeration Technology (AEFYT), the Balearic Association of Installation companies (ASINEM), the Independent Association of Electrical Installers and Telecommunications of Granada (AAIE), and the Association of Installers of Almeria (ASINAL) were organised.


We also maintained a presence at the sector’s leading events such as the Efintec show in Barcelona and Escoferia in Mérida and Barcelona, with stands providing information about innovations and the extension of the Eco-installers programme to the industrial refrigeration field.


Eco-installer Website > 


Otro Final es Posible (Another Ending is Possible)

Educational campaign about electronics recycling in schools


During the 2018-2019 academic year we launched new versions of this educational campaign in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla and León.


Its innovative format has had an excellent reception by both students and teachers, as evidenced by the request made by many of the centres that participated in previous campaigns to become part of this academic year’s activities.


Thanks to ‘Otro Final es Posible’, we have been able to communicate the importance of recycling and the circular economy to the younger generation in an understandable and entertaining way, thus encouraging learning of the concepts conveyed and the participation of students and teachers.


‘Otro Final es Posible’ website > 

The Electrecos

In December, Galicia’s Ministry of Environment and Land Management together with the Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP) promoted an awareness campaign aimed at schools about the importance of appropriate WEEE recycling.


More than 50 early childhood and primary education centres were visited by the initiative, employing characters from Los Bolechas; a popular children’s television series to transmit the message.

Environmental affairs workshop for journalists

On November 19th and 20th, an Environmental information workshop for journalists about WEEE recycling and reuse was held in Malaga resulting from the new paradigm of the Circular Economy.

The conference was organized by RAEEE Andalucía and the Association of Environmental Affairs Journalists (APIA), based on the Framework Agreement of collaboration for WEEE management signed by the Andalusian Local Government, the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), and the SCRAP that operate in the region.

II National Congress of WEEE Management

Close to 300 people attended the II National Congress of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management promoted by Valencia’s Local Government, SCRAP and RAEE Andalucía which was held on October 4th and 5th at the Palau de les Arts, Valencia.

Technical conference on WEEE management

In September, eight provincial technical conferences, promoted by the Andalusian Government and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP), with the support of SCRAP, were launched for those responsible for the waste management of the almost 800 Andalusian municipalities.

Collaboration with Auchan Retail

In June, Auchan Retail Spain launched a website to facilitate WEEE recycling at its Alcampo and Simply centres. The website, developed with the collaboration of Ecotic and Ambilamp, details more than 1,800 delivery points, between Auchan’s centres and the municipal network, distributed throughout Spain.

In this way, Auchan Retail Spain strengthened its commitment to electronics recycling through its network of ecoparks, by installing selective collection containers in 60 ecoparks in Alcampo and Simply supermarkets, once again with the collaboration of Ecotic and Ambilamp.

Comparte y Recicla (Share and Recycle)

We have collaborated in this campaign since its launch and this, its fifth edition, has succeeded in collecting 136 tons of toys thanks to the solidarity of thousands of children and their families. The 10,500 toys collected were able to be reused for a second life.

Dona Vida al Planeta (Give the Planet Life)

During May and June ‘Dona Vida al Planeta’ (‘Give the Planet Life’) toured 122 Andalusian municipalities, visiting 457 retail stores with the aim of providing information on WEEE recycling and holding more than 500 street-marketing activities.

Recicla tus aparatos (Recycle your appliances)

In April, the third edition of this initiative began, with the aim of raising awareness among the Valencian population about the need to appropriately recycle electrical and electronic devices at the end of their useful life.