Andreu Vilà letter
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The responsibility of being a reference

Andreu Vilà | General Director of Ecotic

The Ecotic project continues to grow and achieve new goals. Its sustained growth is the result of the hard work of our entire team throughout 2018 which has permitted us to manage close to 100,000 tons of waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

New historical maximum

During the past year, Ecotic financed and handled a total of 97,536 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) through our Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP). A figure that represents an increase of 9% in terms of the total volume handled in relation to the previous year, the result of significant progress in all our areas of activity.


Domestic waste management has increased by 6% to reach 90,909 tons, and waste from the professional sphere has reached 6,627 tons, a growth of 75%. We should mention having exceeded the target for reuse, which the current Royal Decree sets as being between 2 and 3% according to the type of equipment.

Waste, the engine of the circular economy

It has not been easy reaching this new historical maximum, one that consolidates us as a leader in the sector. This is particularly true for categories where achieving a high quota is difficult due to the low levels of waste generation, as in the case of air conditioning.

We must therefore focus our efforts on anticipation and innovation, both in response to new and growing needs posed by electronics recycling, and to raising the awareness of users and professionals in order to consolidate a greatly needed culture of sustainability.

Renovation of authorisation

The WEEE authorisation renovation process culminated satisfactorily in February 2019, despite outstanding claims being presented by the date of the termination of contract. This means that Ecotic has been awarded authorisation to handle all categories of waste nationally according to Royal Decree 110/2015.


We therefore appreciate the confidence shown in us by the Public Administration, who continue to value the solvency, solidity and the long-term commitment of the Ecotic project. We would like to express our desire to collaborate in the strengthening of an economically viable management model that guarantees the sustainability of our environment, a legacy shared by all.

A question of trust

However, nothing we have achieved would have been possible without the support of the more than 650 member companies who have put their trust in us. We wish to express our gratitude to all of them for choosing us as the best option to fulfil their environmental obligations, and assure them of our continuing commitment to remain on the path of continuous improvement.


Our goal is to continue being a strategic ally in this process, consolidating electronics recycling as a pillar of the transition towards a circular economy that is more efficient in its use of resources, one that allows us to guarantee environmental sustainability and the system of production.